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IVIK. the design studio for integrated and holistic design processes based in Saarbrücken. Together we develop products, places and processes to set new standards. The focus is on meaningful innovations that bring people, technology, business and sustainability together.



Our range of services is positioned around the product development process and extends holistically across the areas of design research, concept design, concept visualization, industrial design, packaging design and design strategy.  We rely on interdisciplinary cooperation to ensure the integration of all existing framework conditions during product/concept development. Through our creative solutions, based on a balance between creativity and intellect, we support our clients in optimizing their products and processes, always with a focus on the overall project goal. As an impulse generator and with a feeling for new ideas and trends, we shape your future together.​

Product & Industrial Design


Packaging Design


Strategic Design

Conceptual Design



Spatial Design



1. THE VALUE OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS In our studio, we recognize the value of the creative process. We are aware that exceptional results do not emerge out of thin air. They require dedication, time, and a deep understanding of our customers' needs. Therefore, we take the time to embark on an inspiring journey together with you and implement each project with passion and care.

2. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF DETAILS We understand that the details make the difference. Hence, we place great importance on carefully considering every element of our work to develop a holistic and thoughtful design, where each detail is perfectly harmonized. This is how we create products of distinctive quality and aesthetics.

3. TRUST AND FAMILIARITY Trust is the cornerstone of our collaboration. We appreciate your opinions and preferences, considering them valuable input for our creative work. Simultaneously, we want you to trust us. You chose us based on our past achievements, and we will continue to deliver what you value in us: outstanding design and innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.

4. THE POWER OF SELECTION We are not an agency content with superficial trends. In our studio, we are artists of clarity and precision, granting ourselves the freedom to choose projects with care. We focus on those that ignite our passion and allow us to showcase our skills optimally. By making deliberate selections, we can ensure that every project we work on becomes an impressive achievement.

5. COMMITMENT TO THE FUTURE As a studio, we actively advocate for sustainable design, considering materials as valuable resources. We extend their lifespan, reduce waste, and minimize our ecological footprint. Through innovative approaches and sustainable design practices, we shape products and processes following the principles of the circular economy. We collaborate closely with our clients and partners to drive positive change towards a sustainable future. Our studio is committed to implementing these principles and developing contemporary and aesthetically appealing solutions with minimal environmental impact.

6. THE ART OF PATIENCE In our studio, we recognize that true art takes time to mature. We prioritize quality and strive to create timeless designs that endure for generations. We value the patience and trust of our clients as we infuse refinement and finesse into our work. Each day invested brings us closer to perfection, ensuring that the end result meets your expectations and our high standards.

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